Security: Bazoum hails Algeria's "prodigious efforts"

Dimanche, 21 Août 2016 12:22

ALGIERS-Niger’s Minister of State, Minister of Interior, Public Security, Decentralization and Customary and Religious Affairs Mohamed Bazoum hailed Algeria’s “prodigious efforts” in the field of security.
While visiting the Commandment and Control Center of the General Directorate of the National Security (DGSN), Bazoum said that Algeria has made “prodigious efforts” to secure property and persons through new technologies like the optical fibre.
“I am very impressed by what I have been seen in this center and I could hardly have thought that such a level of performance and security can be achieved in the province of Algiers and nationwide,” he stressed.
During his visit, the Niger’s official received explanations about the missions and the action of the center and inquired about the control system via surveillance cameras in Houari Boumediene international airport and sports facilities, the regulation of road traffic and the fight against crime.

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