Algeria has spent "tremendous" efforts for youth (UN Coordinator)

ALGIERS-Algeria has “overall” spent “tremendous” efforts to enable the integration of young people, the resident Coordinator of the UN system in Algeria Cristina Amaral, stressing that youth “needs to be accompanied to make their own activities.”
“Overall, Algeria has made enormous efforts to integrate young people,” said Amaral at the opening of the UN forum for Algerian youth, adding that they should be “actively” supported so they can build a “brighter” future, in line with their aspirations.
Besides, she stated the greatest asset of Algeria was the “human capital”, including that of youth, highlighting the need to ensure its development and emancipation “so it plays a key role in Algeria’s development.”
“Today youth’s participation (the current activities of the city) will change the world,” she said.
For his part, Director of Regulation at the Ministry of Youth and Sports Hanafi If Larbi said that young people had “always given birth to a social movement, moved in this by the ideals of peace, friendship and opening to the others.”
“Youth needs the support and experience of adults to orient them so as they ensure the development of Algeria”, he stated.
For her part, the project coordinator at the SIDRA association Meriem Chikirou, said that Algerians have a “very strong” potential for the development of their country.
“Development is not reserved only for the state but to all actors in society, including the youth, this is the message we want to adopt to change things,” she said.
This event is organized by the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) in association with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the Net Med Youth Programme of Unesco and the SIDRA Association, on the occasion the celebration of the International Youth Day.
The works of the forum continued in thematic workshops on “Participation and Citizenship”, “Education and Employment”, “Health”, “Environment and sustainable development”.

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