Parties, organizations welcome adoption of amended Constitution, call for preserving “historical achievement”


APS : Monday, 08 February 2016

ALGIERS- Several political parties and national organizations on Sunday welcomed the adoption of the constitution amendment, calling for preserving this “historical achievement.”
Following the adoption by the majority of the bill on constitutional revision, the National Republican Alliance (ANR) expressed in a statement, its “full satisfaction” with the amendment which has “materialized the resolve of the country’s high authorities, headed by President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, to complete and deepen political reforms through the establishment of a peaceful and participatory democracy .”
In this regard, the ANR called to “be ready for the next phase, which is of deepening reforms from the constitutional amendment,” requiring “everyone’s contribution with sincere will and national commitment.”
The Tajamoue Jazair Amal party (TAJ), for its part, expressed “gratitude and consideration to President Bouteflika for fulfilling his commitment to draw up a consensual constitution that strengthens and consolidates the constants and national identity, rights and individual and collective liberties, and democracy. ”
The party urged the politicians to “seize this historic opportunity to formulate proposals and views so this Constitution is reflected in a series of laws.”
Moreover, the National Organization of Martyrs Children (ONEC) noted with “satisfaction” the adoption by a majority of the bill amending the Constitution, dubbing it an achievement that “will protect our national constants, consolidate democracy and realize the aspirations of the Algerian people through the preservation of our history and the building of our present for the future generations.”

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