Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies: APS to chair AMAN in 2019

APS : Wednesday, 03 October 2018
CAP SOUNION (Athens)- The general assembly of the Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies (AMAN) on Wednesday, in Athens, commissioned Algeria Press Service (APS) to organize the alliance’s 28th general meeting.
APS has hosted twice the general assembly of AMAN, an international non-profit organization made up of 18 agencies (19 with approval of Bosnia’s membership on Wednesday).
Algeria press agency hosted, in Algiers, the 12th general meeting in October 2003 and the 18th in June 2009.
The 27th general assembly, which has wrapped up its works today, discussed the challenges relating to the increase of fake news and their harmful effects.
They underlined the role of the media, and mainly news agencies, in facing fake news by providing the required multimedia content for 24-hour all-news, with a boost to web news.

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