Firm in its fight against terrorism, Algeria determined to strengthen democracy

APS : Wednesday, 07 September 2016
ALGIERS- Algeria, which has always been “firm” in its fight against terrorism and its extremist ideologies remains “determined to permanently strengthen” its young participatory and inclusive democracy.
“Strong with its painful experience in the 1990s, Algeria, which has always increased its firmness in the fight against terrorism and its extremist ideologies, has a deep determination to deepen and strengthen its young participatory and inclusive democracy,” said a note of Foreign Affairs Ministry released on the occasion of an international workshop on the role of democracy in preventing and combating violent extremism and terrorism.
“This democracy excludes only those who resolutely chose to reject the laws of the Republic and resort to terrorist violence against the people, its legitimate institutions, security and its stability,” added the source.
According to the document, one of the main characteristics of the extremist ideologies which fuel and justify terrorism today “is in the logic of exclusion, which is against the civilizational values of openness, tolerance, dialogue and coexistence on which are societies are built.”
“The denial of others and their opinions becomes for the supporters of extremism and terrorism the rule as far as these opinions are not convergent and not in line with their own philosophy, its foundations and its political and ideological objectives,” added the source.
For Algeria, the rule of law and democracy are among the main bulwarks against the extremist ideologies and their violent expressions, according to the document.

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