Fight against terrorism: Algerian-American cooperation “very strong”

APS : Wednesday, 07 September 2016
ALGIERS- US Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labour Tom Malinowski dubbed Wednesday in Algiers “very strong” the Algerian-American cooperation in the fight against terrorism.
“The United States and Algeria are linked by a close partnership in several fields, including the fight against terrorism where our cooperation is very strong,” Malinowski told APS on the sidelines of an international workshop on “the role of democracy in preventing and combating violent extremism and terrorism.”
“No country will be able to combat the scourge of terrorism alone without the help of other partner countries,” he said, expressing his pleasure to share the American experience in the field of counterterrorism and to learn from the “long” experience of Algeria in this field.
Malinowski underlined that Algeria and the United States share the conviction that the only way to combat terrorism and extremism is “to continue strengthening the democratic institutions and the role of the civil society.”
“Democracy is our main defence and our best bulwark against terrorism and extremism,” he affirmed.
In a reply to a question on the importance of Algiers’ Workshop, the American official said that “most of the conferences which deal with the fight against terrorism focus on the military aspect of this fight while the meeting of Algiers focuses on what we consider more important: how to organize our societies and elaborate our policies.”

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