Events of 11 December 1960: Crucial turning point in Algerian revolution

APS : Sunday, 11 December 2016
ALGIERS- Historians affirmed Saturday, in Algiers, that the demonstrations of 11 December 1960 constituted a “crucial turning point” in the national liberation war, leading to the overthrow of the plan of French President Charles De Gaulles who advocated French Algeria as part of the idea Algerian Algeria.
In a conference organized at the central Museum of the Army, the historian Mohamed Abbas said that these demonstrations acted as a “volcanic explosion” against all the attacks which aimed at destroying the Algerian people’s identity and making from Algeria an integral part of France, including notably those of the supporters of French Algeria.
Abbas underlined that the demonstrations of 11 December were “popular referendum” on the independence, pointing out that these events allowed making the voice of the Algerian cause heard in the world thanks to the international press which came to cover the visit if French President.
The academic Abdelaziz Boukenna said for his part that the demonstrations of 11 December “changed the course of the history and the process of the Algerian revolution,” noting notably what the British journalist Edouard Burn had written, witness of the events to which he devoted two pages. “Thoughtful and objective demonstrations,” he wrote, describing them as a” popular uprising” against de Gaulles’ policy.

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