EU notes “with interest” Algeria’s initiative to revive Arab Maghreb Union

APS : Friday, 23 November 2018
BRUSSELS- The European Union (EU) noted Friday “with interest” the Algerian initiative for the revival of the Arab Maghreb Union.
Algeria seized officially the secretary general of the Arab Maghreb Union about the organization “as soon as possible” of a meeting of the Union Foreign Ministers Council.
“We note with interest Algeria’s proposal to organize a foreign ministers meeting of the Arab Maghreb Union,” said EU’s spokesman in a reaction to Algeria’s initiative, underlining that, as a general rule, “any constructive initiative likely to contribute to the good cooperation in the Maghreb region is welcomed.”
Algerian Foreign Ministry said Thursday, in a communiqué, that the initiative “is fully in line with Algeria’s firm conviction about the need to revive the building of the Maghreb and its authorities”, pointing out that it comes “in extension of the conclusions of the last African Union Extraordinary Summit of 17-18 November 2018, on the continental organization’s institutional reforms and which attached a particular interest to the role of the regional economic communities in the integration process of the African countries.”
“The resumption of meetings of the Council of ministers, at the initiative of Algeria, is able to introduce a catalyst effect likely to give a new boost to the activities of other bodies of the Arab Maghreb Union,” concluded the source.

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