EU mobilizes €25 million to support economy, citizen participation in Algeria

APS : Tuesday, 27 October 2015
BRUSSELS – The European Union has adopted two new programmes to support the economy and the citizen participation in Algeria, announced Tuesday the European Commission.
Amounting to €25 million, the programmes are financed under the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI).
The first programme, worth €17 million, focuses on support to the industrial and economic diversification.
“This programme aims at supporting Algeria’s efforts in the industrial and economic diversification, and improving the business climate,” said the European institution, stressing that this support “will contribute to sustainable economic development” of the country with the creation of the necessary conditions for the industrial private sector growth.
“It will improve the environment of corporate world to boost the creation of new firms and meet the expectations of the economic operators,” the source added.
The second programme focuses on strengthening the participatory democracy and local development, endowed with € 8 million.
This project is designed to “enhance the citizen participation in the planning and the implementation of municipal policies of public service and the economic development,” said the European Commission.
This will “lead to concerted and transparent communal governance which is responsive to the needs and expectations of citizens, especially young people and women,” she added.
The programme encompasses the development of tools and approaches to facilitate consultation and participation of civil society in the planning and management of territorial development of the municipality.
Both programmes cover the three priority areas of cooperation between the EU and Algeria for the period 2014-2017, namely justice reform and the strengthening of citizen participation, the labor market and employment and support for the management and economic diversification.

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