Diop: Peace agreement in Mali, “essential” tool for country’s stability


APS : Sunday, 17 January 2016

ALGIERS-Malian Foreign Minister Abdoulaye Diop stressed Sunday in Algiers that the peace and reconciliation agreement in Mali is an “essential” tool for the stability of the country and the entire region.
“We know that the agreement is not perfect, but it is an essential tool for the stability of Mali and will contribute to stability in the region,” Abdoulaye Diop stressed upon his arrival at Houari Boumediene international airport.
He added that the agreement “is now a reality on the ground because a large majority of Malians recognizes it and contributes to its implementation,” explaining that “a lot of tools and mechanisms have been set up to implement it.”
Abdoulaye Diop said he was in Algeria to assess with Algerian officials and all of the regional and international community that accompanies Mali, the “road traveled” since the signing of the agreement for peace and reconciliation in Mali, resulting from the process of Algiers, in which, Algeria “has played and continues to play a leading role.”
“We are going to discuss with our partners to find a mean to accelerate the pace and identify priority actions,” he noted.
The Malian Minister also expressed his “gratitude” to President Bouteflika’s efforts in stabilizing the region.
“We have a special thought to President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, who continues to play an important role in stabilizing the region. We welcome and, on behalf of President of the Republic of Mali, we express our gratitude to the Algerian Head of State,” Diop stressed.
He also explained that discussions (with Algerian officials) “will focus on how to strengthen peace and stability in the region”, recalling the attack that targeted the Burkinabe capital.
“We started the year on a very difficult rating, since our neighbor Burkina Faso was targeted by a barbaric terrorist attack causing casualties. As I speak, the Prime Minister of Mali is moving in this country to extend our condolences. “

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