Demonstrations of 17 October 1961: Highly significant political act

APS : Saturday, 17 October 2015
ALGIERS- The demonstrations of 17 October 1961 were “ a highly significant political act, demonstrating the feeling of shared fate expressed by all the Algerians, and unquestionably contributing to the struggle for the independence of Algeria,” underlined Foreign Affairs Ministry in a communiqué release on Saturday.
“The day of emigration is an opportunity to pay tribute to the thousands of Algerians who etched the 17 October 1961 in Algeria’s history and to the memory of those who sacrificed their lives, thrown alive in the waters of The Seine for having peacefully demonstrated and claiming their rights for liberty, dignity and independence of their country,” underlined the ministry, on the occasion of the commemoration of this historic date in the struggle of the Algerian people for the recovery of their independence.
“This landmark date in the history of Algeria can only perpetuate the attachment of the members of the national community abroad to their country and constitute a constant motivation for the Algerian State and public authorities to persevere and make every effort to constantly address the concerns of this community which has contributed to the liberation and development of the country,” added the source.
“On this occasion, we hail all those, in France or elsewhere, celebrating this date, by paying tribute to the sacrifices made by these Algerians,” concluded the source.

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