Dang: Panafrican Parliament has role to play in resolution of Africa’s issues


APS : Wednesday, 16 March 2016

ALGIERS-The Panafrican Parliament has a role to play in joining efforts of the African countries to resolve the different problems facing the continent,
mainly counterterrorism, smuggling and migration and climate changes, President of this African body Nkodo Dang stressed Wednesday in Algiers.
During a press conference, Dang stressed that “the Panafrican Parliament is able to contribute to African Union’s efforts to resolve the problems shaking the African continent.”
He also underscored the need to spend common efforts to fight against terrorism and migration “which are the recurrent problems many African countries are facing,” he said.
In order to fully play its role, the Panafrican Parliament must change from consultative to legislative body, stressed Dang, hence the need to ratify the Malabo protocol to get this status.”
He added that the main goal of his visit to Algeria “is to promote” the Panafrican Parliament and “benefit from the contribution of Algeria, a key country in the continent.”
In this regard, he recalled that 10 countries have already ratified this protocol, including Algeria. However, there are 18 missing adhesions to have a quorum (28 signatories) enabling this institution become a legislative body.
As for the Western Sahara conflict, the same official evoked UN Secretary General Ban ki-moon’s visit to the region. He stressed that this visit “is likely to bring new elements” to reach a solution to this conflict.
He also affirmed that the UN SG “is the only person able to boost this issue”, adding that “the presentation of the UN report on this issue in April would bring novelties.”
Recalling that Western Sahara is the only occupied country in Africa, he pleaded for “implementation of the UN charter enshrining peoples’ right to self-determination.”

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