Counterterrorism: Experts agree on need to set up complementary system

APS : Wednesday, 30 March 2016
ALGIERS-Experts in counterterrorism in the Sahel region stressed Wednesday in Algiers the need for setting up a complementary mechanism that includes intelligence, security and justice to fight against terrorism, highlighting the importance of intelligence exchange between the two countries.
“This is an opportunity to take adequate measure and face terrorism, like the setting up of a complementary system including three major aspects: security, intelligence and justice in order to fight against terrorism in the world,” President of the criminal department at the Tunis magistrates’ court Youcef Zekri.
In a statement on the sidelines of the Experts Workshop on “the role of criminal justice in the fight against terrorism in the Sahel” held in Algiers, Zekri stressed the need for countries in the region to face cross-border terrorism, mainly in the judicial field.
For his part, Niger expert Maman Aminou Amadou Koundy, Vice President and Judge at the judicial hub specialized in counterterrorism, who participates in the Workshop, has dubbed “important” and “fruitful” this meeting in the reinforcement of cooperation between countries in terms of good practices.
“Such a workshop enables to share experiences and ideas to strengthen relations between actors in counterterrorism to better benefit from their effort,” Koundy added.
Counterterrorism must be “comprehensive and efficient” through a genuine cooperation between States, he stressed.

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