Counterterrorism: Algeria, UN's "precious partner," says Guterres

APS : Tuesday, 12 December 2017
NEW YORK (United Nations)- Algeria is a United Nations’ “precious partner” in counterterrorism, the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Monday in New York,
expressing full support to Algerian people and government in their efforts to fight against the scourge.
“Algeria is a precious partner of the United Nations in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism,” the UN chief wrote in a message marking the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks perpetrated against the United Nations offices in Algiers.
The UN Secretary-General expressed his full solidarity to the Algerian people and government in their efforts to fight against terrorism and violent extremism.
“The United Nations will always be at your side,” Guterres said in the message.
“Ten years ago, terrorists hit Algiers, leaving dozens of casualties, including seventeen UN staff members,” the UN chief said.
“These terrorists hit Algeria, but they also hit the UN in the heart. It was the entire staff of the organization who was touched, who felt this pain.”
“Unfortunately, these attacks are only increasing and we are now targeted around the world, while we are here to support the most vulnerable populations,” he stressed.
Gueterres expressed his heartfelt sympathy and support to the survivals of the attack and to the relatives of the victims.
“We will not forget them. We will not forget the pain of those who remain, who must survive after such trauma and continue their lives, broken homes and interrupted dreams.”

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