Counterterrorism: Algeria, highly capable partner, says AFRICOM commander

WASHINGTON- Algeria is “highly capable partner in the fight against terrorism,” said Tuesday in Washington Gen. Thomas Waldhauser, commander of U.S. Africa Command.
“Algeria is another highly capable partner in North Africa, which continues to implement an efficient and performing counterterrorism programme,” Africom Commander said during his hearing before US Committee on Armed Services.
General Waldhauser added that the People’s National Army and Africom “have regular dialogue to advance cooperation on common security interests.”
Waldhauser who testified before the Senate committee, just five days after his hearing by the House of Representatives, gave an overview of AFRICOM objectives in North Africa and in the Sahel region.
Created in 2008, Africom, which operates from Stuttgart, counts 7,200 military personnel, according to the figures given by General Waldhauser during this hearing.

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