Constitutional revision provides new quality leap for women

APS : Tuesday, 08 March 2016
ALGIERS-President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika said Tuesday that the constitutional revision reinforces new quality leap for women in various fields.
“No doubts that the constitution revision reinforces a new quality leap for women in terms of employment and access to senior positions. This progress must be put into action to complete the renewal of the Nation,” said President Bouteflika in a message on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, read on his behalf by Minister of Post and Information and Communication Technologies Houda Imane Feraoun.
“We are convinced that our amended constitution provides for both power and opposition, a solid milestone for a project of governance as part of Rule of State which guarantees the fundamental liberties, determines the responsibilities, rights and duties, where laws is applied in complete transparency in a well established social system,” stressed the Head of the State.
The Constitution revision will serve as “a reference, for everyone to deal with all the questions, notably those relating to the relations between the different categories of the society, governance, to sharing of responsibilities, to separation of powers in addition to the different aspects that found the State,” concluded President Bouteflika.

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