Constitution amendment marks "new era" for democracy in Algeria, says media

APS : Monday, 08 February 2016
ALGIERS- The national press of Monday was unanimous to say that the revision of the Constitution marks a “new era” for democracy in Algeria, stressing that President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, has honoured his commitments.
The headlines of almost all newspapers focused on the constitutional revision adopted Sunday by the absolute majority of parliamentarians, meeting in special session at the Palais des Nations (Algiers).
Publishing President Bouteflika’s message, Horizons daily considered that this amendment is “a promising era which is opened for the people,” stressing that the amended Constitution include “important democratic progress.”
For the newspaper L’Expression, it is a “mission accomplished” noting that “the adoption is not an end in itself, but the beginning of a new era,” while the newspaper Liberté said the “vote” was “no surprise”.
Similarly, the Jeune Independent newspaper commented that “the Constitution version 2016 will provide a guarantee against the sceptics and immunity to threats of any kind.”
Le Soir of Algeria said, meanwhile, that the amended Constitution is a “vast new political project that Bouteflika announced” while the newspaper El Watan said that the vote was “expeditious” and “no surprise” as well as Le Quotidien d’Oran for which the Constitution was “adopted by an absolute majority as expected.”
El Moudjahid newspaper said that the Constitution is a “historic event that heralds great expectations.”

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