Communiqué – Yemen

Algeria expresses its deep concern and regret at the American and British attacks targeting several towns in the Republic of Yemen, a sister country, and affirms that this dangerous escalation is likely to undermine the efforts being made by the United Nations and the region’s countries to bring about a solution to the conflict in Yemen.

Algeria reaffirms that the question of maritime security in the Red Sea cannot be resolved by ignoring the clearly visible correlation between the Houthi attacks on merchant shipping and the massacres perpetrated by the Zionist occupation in the Gaza Strip over the past 3 months, a shameless provocation against the feelings of all Arabs and Muslims throughout the world, due to the random strikes on defenceless civilians.

Algeria reiterates its position calling for the cessation of military interventions, in view of their catastrophic consequences for world peace and the high price paid by innocent civilians.

It also calls on all parties to end this dangerous and disproportionate military escalation, and to focus on the true causes of the crisis.

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