Communiqué- Algeria regrets use of violence instead of political solution in Niger

At a time when military intervention in Niger is becoming inevitable, Algeria deeply regrets that the use of violence has been chosen over a negotiated political solution that would peacefully reintroduce constitutional and democratic order in this brotherly and neighbouring country.

The history of our region teaches us abundantly that military intervention has led to more problems than solutions, and that it has been an additional factor in confrontations and divisions rather than a source of stability and security.

Before the worst happens, and before the region is trapped in a spiral of violence, Algeria calls on all parties to show restraint, to restraint, wisdom and reason, all of which call for resolutely giving the highest priority to the negotiated political option in the current constitutional crisis, thus sparing brotherly Niger and the whole region a future fraught with threats and perils, including a resurgence of terrorism and other forms of crime that are seriously affecting the region.

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