CAIM hails Algerian police's cooperation with Arab, African security services

APS : Saturday, 17 December 2016
ALGIERS- The Secretary General of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers (CAIM) Mohamed Ali Komane hailed the role of the Algerian police in the strengthening of the cooperation and coordination between Arab, regional and particularly African security services.
The Algerian police works to strengthen cooperation and coordination ties between Arab, regional and particularly African security services with which coordination in international forums is a support to Arab positions, said Komane in a message on the eve of the celebration of the Arab Day for Police.
In this regard, he said that the African Mechanism for Police Cooperation (Afripol), based in Algiers and fruit of the efforts made by Algeria, is likely to “strengthen this cooperation in the interest of Arab and African cooperation.”
On this occasion, the same official recalled the “great sacrifices made by units of the Algerian police during the black decade,” adding that Algeria could never have been able to boldly move on from this painful ordeal without the determination of the police services and the remarkable participation of the Algerian people.
In addition, he hailed the achievements made by the Algerian police in terms of “human rights, and the unprecedented concentration of community police and the strengthening of trust and cooperation relations with citizens and actors of the civil society.”
He added that this success is “the result of the decision-makers’ awareness as to the need for a joint Arab action based on solid foundations through the qualification of officials, the acquisition of modern equipment, the modernization of police practice and a firm conviction that investment in security is an investment in life.”
He also paid tribute to the “efforts made by officials of the Algerian police to overcome difficulties hindering Arab security cooperation.”

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