Boukadoum reiterates Algeria's position favouring political solution to Libya crisis

ALGIERS- Foreign Minister Sabri Boukadoum reiterated Sunday in Munich, Germany, Algeria’s position on the settlement of Libya crisis, “insisting on a solution that can only be political,” the ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.
In his address at the first meeting of the international committee on the follow-up to the Berlin Conference on Libya, Boukadoum “emphasized the ability of the Libyan brothers to overcome their differences without foreign interference.”
The minister launched an appeal “for international community’s support of the efforts to get the Libyan people out of the crisis that hits hard this neighboring country, and whose impact is felt beyond its borders.”
The Algerian Foreign Minister added that Algeria “is fully ready to back the Libyan brothers in the process of dialogue and political settlement.”
He stressed that Algeria “is equidistant between the (warring) parties and with the same degree frankness and trust.”
Boukadoum “also greeted Germany’s efforts and their outcome, mainly through Berlin conference on Libya.”

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