Benghabrit outlines in London Algeria’s approach to improve education quality

LONDON – Minister of National Education Nouria Benghabrit outlined Tuesday in London the approach endorsed by the ministry to improve education quality and prepare the Algerian school to fulfill its missions imposed by the 21st century.
“Improving the quality of education and teaching provided to students is a national priority that we are working to achieve, notably through the improvement of the educational strategy,” Benghabrit said during the Education World Forum, which saw the participation of a hundred ministers and several experts.
The minister explained the “remarkable approach” adopted for a “relevant training of teachers” to prepare them to “better fulfill their mission of identifying and developing students’ abilities to build a sustainable future as future citizens capable of contributing to global challenges.”
This approach, based on a “consensual dynamic” involving union partners and associations of parents, is designed to “develop a quality school,” she said.
In this context, the Ministry has taken a batch of measures to “make qualitative improvement,” including a national strategy of educational remediation to “better respond to academic difficulties” and support the training of teachers.
Besides, internal and external assessments have been conducted to “define the shortcomings in terms of competences and understanding,” said the minister.
Algeria counts 9.5 million children enrolled in 27,000 schools, supervised by more than 700,000 educational and administrative staff.

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