Belani exhorts EU to further involve partners in defining its security policies in region

APS : Wednesday, 07 September 2016
BRUSSELS- Algeria’s ambassador to Brussels Amar Belani exhorted Tuesday the European Union (EU) to further involve its partners in the definition and implementation of policies in the neighbouring countries to be able to address the challenges facing it in terms of security.
Belani, who was speaking on the occasion of a meeting-debate under the theme “Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in the face of security challenges” at the European Parliament, said that to deal with these challenges and conflicts “it is urgent to change the approach by further involving EU’s partner countries, and thus to reach a really shared vision based on the inclusive dialogue, clarity of positions and the balance of interests.”
“It is only on the basis of a shared vision that the joint action will be effective,” affirmed Belani.
The issue of terrorism which is in the heart of the European concerns, he added, is a priority for Algeria “anxious to preserve its security in a regional environment marked by the persistence and spreading of terrorist threat.”
During this meeting, which brought together the ambassadors of countries of the Southern shore of the Mediterranean at the initiative of the European’s People Party, Belani underlined Algeria’s pioneering experience in this field and its efforts, that are internationally recognized, to raise the international awareness on the seriousness and dangerousness of this phenomenon.

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