AU highlights Algeria’s pioneering experience in counterterrorism


APS : Wednesday, 07 September 2016

ALGIERS-Representative of the African Union at the international workshop “on the role of democracy in preventing and combating violent extremism and terrorism” Issaka Karba Abdou highlighted Algeria’s “pioneering experience” in counterterrorism globally, calling to refer to this experience to eradicate this scourge.
Issaka stated Wednesday in Algiers in the opening speech that this event is the result of Algeria’s commitment to fighting against terrorism with all means, stressing that “Algeria’s experience in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism is resounding.”
The African official called to refer to Algeria’s experience in order to eradicate the scourges Africa, even the world, suffer from.
He affirmed that this meeting “represents an occasion to exchange expertise and opinions on this scourge that has grown into the world,” stressing the importance of the issues to be discussed during the debate.
Algeria hosts a two-day international workshop on “the role of democracy in preventing violent extremism and terrorism,” with the participation of many countries and bodies including the United
States, France, the African Union, the European Union, the United Nations and the Sahel Countries’ coordination and communication unit, the African Center for Research and Study on Terrorism and the Canadian Center for prevention against violent extremism, in addition to Algerian academicians and experts in the security field.
Participants in this workshop will tackle many issues relating to the values of democracy in the fight against violent extremism, importance of a strong and sovereign State against terrorism, the role of citizens in the fight against this phenomenon, freedom of expression and information in times of crisis in the context of countering terrorism.

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