Arab Summit: Libya relies on Algerian diplomacy expertise to reach unified position settlement of crisis

APS : Wednesday, 02 November 2022

ALGIERS-The Spokeswoman for the Libyan Presidential Council, Najwa Wahiba said that Libya relied on the expertise of Algerian diplomacy in order to reach a unified Arab position
for the settlement of the crisis during the Arab Summit that started Tuesday in Algiers.
In a statement to APS, on the sidelines of the 31st session of the Arab Summit in Algiers held at the International Conference Center “Abdelatif Rahal” (ICC), the Libyan official stressed that “given the successful Algerian experiences in mediation at the continental and international levels, the Libyan people rely on the foresight and discernment of Algerian diplomacy to reach a unified Arab position supporting the Libyan electoral process, the Libyan national reconciliation and the decisions of the Security Council, including its recent decision stressing the importance of Libyan reconciliation that allows Libyans to find solutions to end the crisis by themselves.
Wahiba also welcomed “the positive role” of Algeria in the settlement of the crisis, stressing that “Algeria is a neighboring country and a partner on which Libyans have high hopes.”
“Algeria has never supported one party at the expense of another,” she continued.
She hoped that partnership relations between the Algerian and Libyan peoples will further develop.
The Libyan official emphasized the importance of holding, after three and a half years of absence, the Arab Summit in Algiers under the sign of the unification of ranks, a slogan that “conveys positive messages to the Arab peoples, especially the Libyan people who expect views to be pooled in favor of the Libyan issue.”
She also said that the Presidential Council, which represents Libya at this meeting, “stresses the importance of bridging views and considers that any solution to the crisis must come from Libyans themselves.”
The same official also stressed the importance of “the approaches of Arab countries to support the Libyan people, including Algeria, which has constantly played a positive role in favor of Libyans without any political alignment.”

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