Arab Summit: Final date to be set before end of June in coordination with Algeria

APS : Sunday, 01 March 2020
ALGIERS- The final date for holding the next Arab Summit in Algiers will be set before the end of June, in coordination between Algeria and the Arab League, said Saturday in Algiers Secretary General (SG) of the Arab League, Ahmed Abou El-Gheit. Speaking at a press conference held jointly with Foreign Minister Sabri Boukadoum, Abou El-Gheit said that the final date for the Arab summit “will be set before the end of June,” thereby expressing the wish to “see, by then, the heavy global situation come to an end,” in his reference to the spread of the Coronavirus in several countries of the world.
The Arab League tends to agree on a date for the holding of the Arab summit, which will be decided by Algeria in coordination with the pan-Arab organization,” he said.
In this regard, El-Gheit said he discussed the subject with Boukadoum, noting that there is a world situation that requires “a consultation on a possible postponement of this summit decided on March 30, one or two months, with the agreement of Algeria and its President, Abdelmadjid Tebboune,” he said.
Describing as “delicate,” the prevailing situation around the world, in the face of apprehensions about the holding of summits, meetings and gatherings, Abou El-Gheit reiterated his wish to see the Arab summit held “soon that it will lead to Arab consensus, consultation and closing ranks,” stressing that Algeria “is a priority in exercising the right to host this summit.”
The meeting with the Foreign Minister covered a number of Arab issues, with the situation in Libya and the Syrian crisis at the top of the agenda, Mr Abu El-Gheit said, stressing that the situation in the Arab region required “major efforts to unite the Arab countries with a view to reaching either a ceasefire or political agreements.”
Responding to a question on the inclusion of the “deal of the century” on the agenda of the Arab summit, the Arab League SG said that this plan “is categorically rejected because the Arab world has taken a firm position on it as reflected in the decision of the Arab League Council held in Cairo a few weeks ago.”
Regarding Algeria’s efforts to reintegrate Syria into the Arab League, Abou El-Gheit said that there are “Arab countries that are in favour of Syria’s return, but as SG of the Arab League I have not received any sign or writing from them in this regard.”
For his part, Algeria Foreign Minister Boukadoum said that “the decision to hold the Arab summit is up to the President of the Republic who will set the date taking into consideration the international circumstances, particularly related to the evolution of the health situation to ensure the success of the event and better defend the interests of Arab states.”
“The Arab world is facing several challenges and problems. We must work together to overcome them,” he said.

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