Arab Parliament welcomes democratic atmosphere, Algerian State’s concern to ensure legality of elections

APS : Monday, 24 April 2017
CAIRO- The Arab Parliament welcomed the “democratic atmosphere” among the political parties standing for the legislative elections of 4 May and the concern of the Algerian State to ensure their legality and transparency for a pluralist parliament.”
At the end of the 5th meeting of the second ordinary session of the Arab Parliament, which wrapped up Monday in Cairo, the Arab Parliament released a communiqué on the legislative elections, in which it welcomed “the Algerian State’s concern to ensure the transparency and legality of the elections through the implementation of the High Authority for Election Monitoring (HIISE).”
The Arab Parliament highlighted “the Algerian government’s efforts to guarantee the election of a pluralist parliament, representing the various social classes and political leanings,” expressing the hope to complete the construction of this legislative building, to “be the real representative of the Algerian people and the voice of their ambitions and aspirations.”
In this regard, the Arab Parliament welcomed “the democratic atmosphere and the brotherly competition among all the political parties running in these legislative elections” and highlighted, added the communiqué, “a national commitment and a political maturity reinforced by a long democratic experience.”
The Arab Parliament said that it follows “with interest and satisfaction” the successive achievements of Algeria for the strengthening of its security, stability and prosperity of its people, through the “preparations for a new democratic process phase completing the construction of the rule of law, in this case the organization of the legislative elections on 4 May 2017” as “ a new milestone in the process of the major reforms initiated by President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika.”

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