Antonio Tajani welcomes Algeria’s effort to promote regional stability

APS : Thursday, 19 October 2017
BRUSSELS- President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani welcomed Wednesday Algeria’s efforts to promote regional stability, expressing his satisfaction with the “important” role played by the country in the
stabilization of Libya and in the fight against terrorism.
“We are very satisfied with the work that Algeria has carried out for the stabilisation of the southern shore of the Mediterranean,” he said following his meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdelkader Messahel who paid a two-day visit to the European institutions in Brussels.
In this regard, Tajani pointed out that Algeria which continues to make considerable efforts for the stabilization of Libya and to fight against terrorism, notably against “Boko Haram,” makes “a very important work,” underlining that the country follows with “great interest” what is happening in the Sahel countries.
Dubbing “very positive” his discussions with the head of the Algerian diplomacy, Antonio Tajani affirmed that the talks allowed examining issues that are important and of common interest, citing, in this regard, the fight against terrorism, illegal immigration and youth unemployment.
“We have the same issues, we have tried to reach a convergence of views to better work together,” he added, underlining that Algeria-EU joint parliamentary commission whose works will be launched in the beginning of the next year constitutes “a very good message to strengthen the cooperation between EU and Algeria.”
President of the European Parliament said that he “appreciates” Algeria’s commitment and the “great job” accomplished by this country against radicalisation, welcoming the statements of Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdelkader Messahel who stressed that “democracy is the solution against radicalisation.”
Stressing the importance of inter-religious dialogue for the Europeans, Tajani said that EU “will work well with Algeria” in this field.

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