Angolans learned a lot from Algerian people's struggle against French occupier

Tuesday, 18 July 2017
MOSTAGANEM- Angolans have learned a lot from Algerian people’s struggle against the French occupier, said Tuesday in Mostaganem Angola’s Minister of CultureCarolina Cerqueira.
In a statement to the press at the end of her visit to the western province, the Angolan minister hailed the excellent relations between the two countries.
“We have developed longstanding partnership and friendship ties between our two countries, since the outbreak of our armed struggle in Angola,” she said.
Cerqueira added that young Angolans came to Algeria to learn how to make revolution.
“We are very proud of these young Angolans, who learned the mechanisms of resistance and struggle for the independence of their country,” she said.
The Angolan minister, accompanied by the wali (governor) of Mostaganem, Abdelwahid Temmar, Algeria’s Ambassador to Angola Larbi Latreche, said that culture would open way to other forms of partnership in various areas, like the protection and preservation of heritage, theatre, music and others.

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