Ambassadors of South Africa, SADR welcome Algeria’s unfailing support to self-determination principle

APS : Tuesday, 18 July 2017
ALGIERS- The ambassadors of South Africa and the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) to Algiers welcomed Tuesday Algeria’s unfailing support to the principles of self-determination, of the struggle of peoples for freedom and independence and the rejection of any form of occupation.
Speaking at the Forum of “El Moujahid” newspaper, organized on the occasion of the celebration of the world day of historic leader Nelson Mandela, South African ambassador to Algiers Denis Thoko Zani Dlomo welcomed “Algeria’s important support to South Africa in its struggle for the decline of the Apartheid regime and to late leader Nelson Mandela who received a military training in Algeria during the two countries’ common struggle against colonialism.
The relations between our two countries “are historically rooted,” affirmed the diplomat, adding that the struggle led by the Algerians and South Africans “is a reference of political understanding and a basis of excellent diplomatic relations between the two countries.”
Concerning the peoples’ right to self-determination, the South African ambassador underlined Nelson Mandela’s inalienable position who affirmed, just after the declined of the Apartheid regime in South Africa that “the liberation of South Africa can’t be complete without the liberation of the Palestinian and Sahrawi peoples,” pointing out “the duty of solidarity with the oppressed peoples.”
SADR’ ambassador to Algiers Becheraya Hamoudi Bayoune underlined the heroic deeds of the African leader considered as “the symbol of struggle and peaceful co-existence between peoples,” pointing out his heroic position in the recognition of the Sahrawi Republic during his presidential term, despite the fact that he was under great pressure, making from South Africa the first defender of the Sahrawi cause in the international forums, after Algeria which is known for its inalienable positions for the peoples struggling for freedom and independence.

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