Amar Abba elected “Diplomat of the Year” in London

LONDON-Algeria’s Ambassador to London Amar Abba on Sunday was elected by his pairs “Ambassador of the Year” for his “impressive presence on the diplomatic scene in the service of his country.”
Abba received the Award during a ceremony organized by “Diplomat” magazine which celebrates its 71st anniversary. British officials, ambassadors and diplomats from 120 countries accredited in London attended the ceremony.
According to organizers, the jury rewarded the “seasoned diplomat” of the MENA region who “has significantly improved the image of Algeria since he took office in London.”
Abba said that he was honoured by this award and thanked organizers and ambassadors for their appreciation of Algeria’s diplomatic action on the international scene and the embassy staff for their support and devotion.
The “Ambassador of the Year Award”, whose 10th edition took place yesterday, is given to foreign diplomats in the British capital in recognition of their efforts to defend the interests and positions of their respective countries, and promote bilateral relations with the country of accreditation.

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