Algiers to host next meeting of Libya's neighbouring countries by end March

APS : Wednesday, 01 March 2017
ALGIERS- The next meeting of Libya’s neighbouring countries would be held in Algiers by the end of March, announced Wednesday Minister of Maghreb Affairs, African Union and Arab League Abdelkader Messahel.
“The next meeting of Libya’s neighbouring countries will take place in Algeria by the end of March,” Messahel told the National Radio.
The minister said that the involved parties are waiting that the “United Nations Secretary General appoints his new special representative for Libya or maintains his current envoy, Martin Kobler, to hold this meeting.”
Messahel underlined that Algeria “enjoys credibility among all Libyan parties for two main reasons: the first one is related to its position of equidistance from the different parties to the conflict, while the second lies on its principle of non-interference in internal affairs of other countries.”
In this respect, he recalled that “Algeria has no special interests in Libya and has never interfered in the affairs of other States.”
The minister said “the solution has to come from Libyans. It must be based on direct dialogue between Libyans,” adding “Libyans can find a solution to the crisis provided that there are no interferences in their affairs.”
In this regard, he emphasized the key role of the UN in the process for political resolution of the Libyan crisis, recalling the UN resolution 2259, which defines the role of each parties concerned and is in favour of a political solution and the principle of non-interference.
As regards the situation in Mali, the minister stressed the need for the State to redeploy in the northern region of the country.
“The most difficult step was the installation of interim authorities in those regions. Now that it has been done in Kidal, I think that the rest would be easier,” said Messahel.
As for the regional integration, the minister underlined that “Morocco is Algeria’s large trading partner in the region,” adding “the opening of border between the two countries is not on the agenda.”
With regard to the crisis in Syria, Messahel said that there was no other option than dialogue between Syrians.

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