Algiers Declaration to strengthen movement process according to current requirements

The participants in the 17th Ministerial Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) held on 28 and 29 May 2014 in Algiers agreed on the success of this conference that culminated in the adoption of the Algiers Declaration and five other statements that will reinforce the movement’s process according to the current requirements.
Speaking on behalf of the , (AU), the Mauritanian minister, whose country holds the AU rotating presidency, said that the Algiers conference had yielded ‘satisfactory results’ which meet the aspirations of participating delegations and can ‘consolidate the movement’s process according to current requirements.’
The African Group supported the movement at this stage, during which everyone aspires to achieve the objectives that have been set to ease tensions caused by the two phenomena of terrorism and organized crime.
The crisis in Mali, the impacts of the current situation in Libya, the relationship between terrorist groups and organized crime that affects Libya, Mali, northern Nigeria and the Central African Republic, are factors that require solidarity and joint action to find the best solutions for a peaceful restoration of security and stability in the region.
The AU called for accelerating the resolution of the crisis in Mali through an inclusive dialogue, without excluding any party, to allow all Malians to live in peace, unity and security, in accordance with the decisions made at the last meeting held in Kidal.
The AU reiterated its support for a just and comprehensive solution guaranteeing the rights of the Palestinian people to establish an independent State with Al-Quds as a capital, and called for the launching of a serious dialogue in Syria between the different parties in order to reach a peaceful solution that guarantees unity, security and peace for the Syrian people.
As for the UN reform, the African official reiterated the movement’s demand for a review the of the organization’s rules in order to ensure justice and fairness throughout the world, and allow it to play an active role in international security and peace especially in regions of tensions.
The spokesman of the Group of Latin American and Caribbean countries said the ministerial document adopted in Algiers and related statements were a collective testimony offering pragmatic solutions to international problems affecting all countries within the organization. He emphasized the role of the UN in implementing the principles of peace and sovereignty and human rights, as well as the achievement of the movement’s objectives, which requires the review of the UN reform in a way to serve all countries of the world, with no distinction.
The works of the 17th Ministerial Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement resulted in the adoption of a final document including the Algiers Declaration, the Declaration on Palestine, the Declaration on Disarmament and Arms Control, the Declaration on Information Technology and the Decision on the NAM Institutional Memory.
Source : APS, 30 May 2014

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