Algeria's socioeconomic development strategy presented in Geneva

APS : Thursday, 09 June 2016
GENEVA- Algeria, through the secretary general of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Mohamed Khiat, has presented Thursday in Geneva its socioeconomic development strategy, which allowed improving the wellbeing indicators of its citizens and workers.
In his address at the 105th session of the International Labour Conference, Khiat said that the strategy, part of the programme of President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, allowed “continuous improvement of the wellbeing indicators of its citizens and workers, particularly through the creation of small businesses, which have generated job opportunities and reduced unemployment.”
In this regard, he recalled that “Algeria has committed, since few years ago, to the achievement of the goals of the Decent Labour Agenda (of the International Labour Organization, ILO).”
“However, like other countries around the world, we deplore the existence of informal economy, which is generating jobs for a part of the population, especially women and people without qualifications,” he added.
The informal economy “seeks to maximize profits by bypassing regulations, to the detriment of workers’ rights,” he said, adding that “in order to prevent the informal sector from prospering, the State has taken a series of measures to minimize its impacts.”
In this regard, Khiat cited the incentives part of the strategy aiming at improving business climate and ensuring progressive transition of informal economic entities towards formal economy.

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