Algeria’s relations with United States, Saudi Arabia are “special”

APS : Monday, 25 April 2016
DAMASCUS (Syria)- Minister of Maghreb Affairs, African Union and the Arab League, Abdelkader Messahel said Monday, that the relations between Algeria, the United States and Saudi Arabia are “special,” adding that these two countries are Algeria’s partners.
Messahel was responding to a question during a press conference led by the Syrian Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade, Hammam Al Jazairi.
He reaffirmed Algeria’s position against interference in internal Affairs of other countries and against the interference of the third party in internal affairs, underlining that “Algeria is a strong State by its institution and just, which listens to the concerns of its citizens.”
Messahel also reaffirmed Algeria’s solidarity with Syria in its war against terrorism and its support for a political solution to the Syrian crisis.
Syria’s great interest in Algeria’s experience in national reconciliation
The Syrian Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade, Hammam Al Jazairi reaffirmed that Algeria’s experience in reconciliation “is very rich.”
Al Jzairi highlighted “media communication, a crucial issue that ensures how we could inform the world of Syria’s situation.”
“Since the triggering of the crisis in Syria five years ago, the country was put to fire and blood,” added the Syrian minister, calling on the international community to “be on the side of life and hope, through reconciliation actions.”
“Algeria, which has a great experience in national reconciliation presented us documents that we examine with great interest,” he said, adding that “we are convinced that we will benefit from the Algerian experience by strengthening our contacts.”
He dubbed “important” the visit made by Messahel and the technical delegation accompanying him, both on the historic level as well as that of content, adding that the discussions between the two parties focused on “coherent” governmental policies between Syria and Algeria.
This visit allowed “reaffirming Algeria’s support to the Syrian free political decision,” he said.
Messahel is in Damascus as part of a visit to Syria, where he co-chairs, along with the Syrian Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade, the works of the 2nd meeting of the Algerian-Syrian Monitoring Committee, of which the minutes was signed Monday.

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