Algeria’s foreign policy: Active diplomacy supporting peace-building efforts and defending just causes

APS : Saturday, 09 September 2017
ALGIERS- The Government’s Action Plan grants a special place to Algeria’s foreign policy, based on the “deployment of an active diplomacy.”
It also stresses the importance of “affirming the sovereignty of the country, its contribution to peace-building efforts, the defense of just causes, and the promotion of fraternity and cooperation relations.”
“The promotion of Algeria’s position and role in the world will remain a constant mission for the Government, under the leadership of President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, drawn on the principles of affirming the sovereignty of the country, the contribution to peace-building, the defense of the just causes of peoples that struggle for the recovery of their fundamental rights,” said the document on the Government’s Action Plan, which will soon be presented by the Premier at the National People’s Assembly (Lower House- APN).
The document emphasizes the “promotion of fraternity, friendship, cooperation and good neighborhood in our region as well as the consolidation of our partnerships, in the service of the mutual interests and the promotion of the economic interests abroad.”
Besides, the Action Plan details the Algerian foreign policy lines regarding the “Maghreb region”, “the Arab countries”, “the Sahel,” “the Muslim community”, “the Mediterranean region”, “the European Union”, and “the International Community.”
Starting by the Maghreb region, Algeria, according to the government plan will remain committed to building the Maghreb Arab Union, while continuing to back the UN efforts for reaching a “just and final solution to Western Sahara issue, resulting in self-determination of the people in that territory.”
The Plan also underlines Algeria’s steadfast support to the efforts of the UN Special envoy for Libya, in view to “rapidly restoring peace, security and national reconciliation so to preserve the territorial unity and the national sovereignty of this country.”
At the bilateral level within the Maghreb countries, Algeria intends to forge relations of dialogue, fraternity, solidarity, cooperation and good neighborhood. Those “relations it (Algeria) hopes to expand to all its Maghreb neighbours, in the respect of the international law.”
Concerning the Arab countries, the document says that Algeria will remain “committed to reinforcing the Arab unity and joint action,” chiefly in the Arab League.
“Algeria will spare no effort to contribute to resolving the conflicts and the tensions in the Arab region, in the respect of the sovereignty of each state and in compliance with its principles of non-interference.”
The “Palestinian cause will be that of Algeria, faithful to its duty of solidarity towards the Palestinian people struggling to regain their inalienable rights to create an independent and sovereign State with Al-Quds as capital.”
As for the Sahel region, Algeria reiterates its solidarity with the region’s countries and ensures it would fully assume its “responsibilities resulted from the Peace and Reconciliation Agreement in Mali.”
It also remains “actively supportive” to all the Sahelian countries in the fight against terrorism and the cross-border crimes and, in advancing in development process.
The action plan says that at the Africa level, Algeria “will always be active within the African Union, in the service of the continent’s unity and integration” whilst in the Mediterranean area, it plays a key role in the promotion of peace, dialogue and cooperation…”
As for its policy with the European Union, it will continue to work for the “execution of the Association Agreement it had concluded with this economic group,” as it will also participate in an “active political and strategic dialogue” for building “bilateral relations with the EU Member States on the basis of mutual interests.”
Stressing that Algeria will ensure the “protection of its nationals abroad and the consolidation of ties with the national community residing abroad,” the Government’s action plan says that the country, regarding its relations with the rest of the international community “is attached to the UN Charter and to preservation of global peace and security. It will also be an active player of the Global Counterterrorism Forum and will contribute to the strengthening of the international cooperation against this scourge.”
“At the bilateral level, Algeria will maintain the longstanding relations of friendship, dialogue and cooperation it has established with its partners in Europe, Asia and in Americas,” concluded the document.

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