Algeria’s experience in fight against terrorism presented in London


APS : Saturday, 01 April 2017

LONDON- Algeria’s experience in the fight against terrorism was presented in London during an international parliamentary conference on national security, held by Commonwealth Parliamentary Association from 27 to 31 March.
United Nations experts, ministers and MPs from 37 countries of the Commonwealth showed interest in the Algerian experience in the fight against violent extremism, presented by representatives of the People’s National Assembly (Lower House of Parliament), the only parliament non-member of the Commonwealth that participated in the meeting.
Deputies Chabane Belgacem and Djamel Madi highlighted Algeria’s experience in the national security and its unwavering commitment to the fight against the scourge after the restoration of its security and stability as well as its role in combating terrorism in the region and around the world.
The participants in the conference were keen to know how has Algeria managed to defeat terrorism while it was isolated from the world, and how it has managed to protect human rights in its fight against the scourge, to become today a world reference in the eradication of terrorism, which knows no borders, the Lower House’s deputy Belgacem told APS at the end of the meeting.
During the conference, senior officials and experts recognized that Algeria suffered alone for years of isolation while facing blind terrorism, he said.
What the world believed, at that time, to be an internal conflict in Algeria turned out to be an international threat, he said adding that the participants underlined that Algeria “is a key partner in the fight against terrorism.”
The Algerian deputies stressed during the conference that attacks like that of Boulevard Amirouche (downtown Algiers in 1995) were claimed by terrorist leaders from London, New York and Paris.
The debates also focused on Algeria’s diplomatic action in the resolution of regional and international conflicts, based on the principles of the respect of the will of peoples and the internal security of States.

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