Algerian woman remains "guarantor of our country’s stability"

APS : Thursday, 08 March 2018
ALGIERS – President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika affirmed that the Algerian woman remains “one of guarantors of our country’s stability.”
In a message read on his behalf by Justice Minister Tayeb Louh, during a ceremony on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, Bouteflika urged the Algerian women to ” redouble efforts to rise to the expectations and the mission of building Algeria’s future.”
The Algerian women today are the leading initiators of reform and remain “one of the guarantors of our country’s stability and progress. They are called upon to take up the coming challenges and reinforce the foundations of the society that we are still resolutely building, a society that is authentic and modern, tolerant and united, founded on the Rule of Law,” President Bouteflika said in his message.
On that occasion, the Head of the State called upon the Algerian woman to accomplish her duties in the service of family and country, to “continue to assume her historical role of safeguarding our authenticity and educating our rising generations.”
Algeria, added Bouteflika, “has decided to access technology world, but we all are aware that today’s world and its technological mechanisms are designed to serve other civilizations, with which we are compelled to coexist, by preserving our civilization and our identity based on three components, Islam, Arab and Tamazight, and by giving a place to our country liberated thanks to unforgettable sacrifices in our national History and in the History of the modern world.”
Ensuring training and education to the rising generations is one of the main duties of the Algerian woman, added the president of the Republic who recalled that the Algerian people “made the civil harmony and the national reconciliation triumph over discord (fitna) and destruction, and worked to reconcile the Algerians with themselves and with their homeland.”
In this regard, President Bouteflika said that this “essential” choice registered in the Charter of Peace and National Reconciliation, endorsed by the Algerian people, is meant to be a
“break” that challenges us all about its exhaustive implementation.
This is exactly where the fundamental role of family and women came into play; in order to teach the rising generations our ancestral values and the civic sense” and “reinforce the school’s foundations, to fight against dissemination of violence and drugs, with all the threats that pose for youth and the living standard to which we are striving.”
Instill effort-oriented culture to our kids and among the society is among the duties of the Algerian women as Algeria today needs “more than ever before to promote spirit and the culture of work so we can build a decent and proud Algeria, free of excessive dependence on hydrocarbons,” concluded the President of the Republic.

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