Algerian security experience useful for set up of new international police body

APS : Sunday, 26 February 2017
ALGIERS- The secretary General of the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) Jürgen Stock said that Algeria’s experience in terms of security could be useful for the set up of a new police body within the organization adapted to the current situation.
In an interview published in the latest edition of “Echorta” journal, Stock said that “Interpol counts on Algeria and its experience in the fight against terrorism and on its police institutions which have a high level of professionalism,” adding that “Algeria’s rich experience will serve as a support in the action of the organization for the implementation of a new international police body adapted to the current situation.”
The Interpol Secretary General broached the coordination that characterizes the Algerian police force, which allowed “the settlement of security threats and problems at the interior, regional, and international levels.”
In this regard, he hailed “the significant progress experienced by Algeria, now an effective and key partner in terms of collaboration with Interpol.”
The official highlighted “the efforts made by Algeria for years to support international security cooperation,” recalling the many project put in place at the regional level to improve the exploitation of Interpol data.”

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