Algerian Red Crescent delivers humanitarian aid to Libya

ALGIERS -Algeria’s humanitarian aid, consisting of food, medicines and blankets, were delivered Monday by the Algerian Red Cresent (CRA) to Libya.
The humanitarian aid caravan, consisting of food, medicines and blankets took off from the Mohamed-Boudiaf Olympic Complex of Algiers by President of the the Algerian Red Cresent (CRA), Saïda Benhabiles, accompanied by Secretary General of the Libyan Red Crescent, Marie Al-Dressi.
On this occasion, Benhabiles said the caravan of nearly 70 tons is sent by Algerian citizens to their Libyan brothers, noting that Algeria “draws its policy of solidarity from its ancestral values and religion.”
This initiative “is a proof of esteem and fraternity” of the Algerian people for the Libyan people, added the president.
The same official recalled that “Libya stood alongside Algeria during the glorious War of National Liberation.”
For her part, Secretary General of the Libyan Red Crescent, Marie Al-Dressi, expressed her gratitude and thanks to the President of the Republic and Algeria for this humanitarian aid, highlighting “the historical relations that bind the two brotherly people.”

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