Algerian-Nigerian Commission, essential stage to establish fruitful cooperation

APS : Sunday, 14 October 2018
ALGIERS – The 4th session of the Algerian-Nigerian Joint Commission, being held in Algiers, constitutes an “essential” stage to establish a “renewed and fruitful” between the two countries,
said Sunday in Algiers Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel.
The joint commission “will also allow us to examine all the possibilities to lend great impetus to the bilateral relations,” he said during this meeting which started on Sunday in Algiers.
For Messahel, the two countries’ willingness to build up a “fruitful, diversified and mutually beneficial cooperation must result in the implementation of concrete projects able to exploit our potentialities and our complementarities.”
Algeria and Nigeria have, in fact, important assets that would benefit from being exploited through partnership projects that create wealth and jobs, he said.
Experts from both countries will be called upon to evaluate the already-undertaken actions and to reinvigorate cooperation avenues between the two countries, he said.
Updating the cooperation and partnership projects and the new proposals, which the respective delegations will consider will help to “significantly relaunch our cooperation on new bases,” added Messahel.
During this session, “a number of cooperation agreements are planned to be signed in the aim of deepening the legal framework of our bilateral cooperation, enhancing its effectiveness and diversifying its areas…,” he said.

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