Algerian embassy in Brussels reaffirms Algeria’s consistent position on Western Sahara issue

APS : Saturday, 25 June 2016
Brussels (Belgium)- The Algerian embassy in Brussels strongly reaffirmed, Friday, Algeria’s consistent position on the Western Sahara issue, which is that of the international community regarding decolonization.
“I want to strongly underline that Algeria’s position on the Western Sahara issue identifies with the international consensus and the doctrine of the United Nations regarding decolonization,” wrote the Algerian ambassador, Amar Belani in a clarification addressed to the European website, EurActiv.
Exercising his right to reply to this website which published two articles containing “erroneous” information on the Western Sahara situation and “wild accusations” alleging Algeria’s “deliberate intention to destabilize Morocco,” the Algerian embassy in Brussels underlined that Algeria’s position on the Sahrawi issue is also consistent with its own historical development,” Algeria having obtained its independence after a long liberation war, through referendum.
“It is then a matter of principle that transcends the longstanding friendly ties, the sociological kinship that unite the Algerian and Moroccan peoples,” he underlined in his clarification.
In addition, the Algerian embassy denounced the “doubtful” testimony of the French Euro-deputy Gilles Pargneaux in the article published by EurActiv in which he criticized Algeria’s position on the Western Sahara conflict saying that “it goes back to the time of the Cold War.”
Furthermore, the Algerian embassy in Brussels “categorically denied the allegations” in one of the articles published by this European information website reporting a growing radicalization in Algeria and in the Sahrawi refugee camps.

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