Algerian diplomacy's role in resolution of conflicts in Africa highlighted

APS : Wednesday, 30 November 2016
ALGIERS-Participants in the colloquium on Algeria’s contribution in the decolonization of Africa have highlighted Algerian diplomacy’s role in the resolution of conflicts in the African continent and its constant commitment to the self-determination of colonized peoples.
Speaking at colloquium held under the patronage of President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika in partnership with the Foreign Affairs and Mujahidin Ministry, academic Mohamed Yahi affirmed that Algeria has played a mediator role in several regional and international conflicts.
“The Algerian diplomacy contributed to the release of American hostages sequestrated in Iran in 1982, and played a role in the resolution of the conflict between Irak and Iran in 1970. It also contributed to the signing of the peace agreement between Ethiopia and Eretria,” he recalled.
Representative of the Congolese association for friendship with peoples Vilta Balla called African countries to step up efforts to allow the continent have a permanent seat within the UN Security Council, highlighting the need for combating terrorism and illegal immigration.
A participant from Tanzania hailed “Algeria’s constant role in the times of war and peace,” adding that “the National Liberation War is an example of peoples’ struggle.”
He expressed the hope that African countries “achieve their unity” and affirmed that “we cannot speak about Africa’s future without referring to unity between its peoples.”
Another participant from Ghana, member of the Committee for defence of Palestine and member of the Polisario Front stressed that freedoms of African peoples relied on that of the continent, referring to the example of Western Sahara, the last colony in Africa, which remains under Moroccan occupation and suffers violations of human rights.
The ministries of Foreign Affairs and Mujahidin awarded certificates of merit to foreign participants in the colloquium.
In an intervention on “The African dimension of the Liberation War in the Charters of the Revolution,” academic Ameur Rekhila stressed that “the Algerian diplomacy draws its principles from charters that led to the outbreak of the liberation war, namely the 1st November 1954 Statement, the Soummam platform, the Tripoli program (1962) and national charters in 1976 and 1986.”

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