Algerian-Belgian cooperation is “pragmatic,” “constructive”

Thursday, 11 August 2016 16:01
BRUSSELS- Algeria’s ambassador to Belgium Amar Belani declared that there is a cooperation between Algeria and Belgium, underlining that it is both “pragmatic” and “constructive.”
“There is cooperation between Algeria and Belgium. It is pragmatic and constructive,” he said in Charleroi where he went to support the family of one of the two injured female police officers in the machete attack in Charleroi.
“We don’t need bilateral readmission agreements,” he added, on the same occasion, pointing out that “we have very good cooperation with all the countries in terms of readmission of those staying illegally.”
The head of the Algerian diplomacy to Belgium condemned “in the strongest possible terms” this attack that he described as a “despicable act,” expressing his sympathy as well as the compassion and solidarity of Algeria “not only for the two police officers, but also for their families, relatives and their colleagues.”

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