1. Greetings in Algeria are usually long and conversation about family and the home, work, the weather and other general topics can be expected.
  2. People may hold hands after the initial hand shake as a sign of warmth.
  3. When meeting women, men should nod and wait for them to extend their hands first. If you are a woman visiting Algeria, keep in mind that some religious men may not shake your hand as a sign of respect.
  4. It is essential to create a solid relationship with Algerian businessmen by building trust, showing concern for others and making a good impression in all social affairs. Do not hesitate to invest time and other resources into cementing relationships.
  5. Titles are important in Algerian society due to the hierarchical society. When meeting someone, remember their honorific, professional or academic title and use it together with their surname.
  6. Some of the most used titles are “doctor”, “professor”, and “lawyer” (or in French – “docteur”, “professeur”, and “avocat”).
  7. There is a doing favors mentality in Algeria. If you do a favor for someone it will mean that they owe you one back.
  8. There is no official formal ritual surrounding the exchange of business cards. It may be a good idea to have one side of the card translated to French or Arabic – the languages most spoken in the country. Use the right hand to give and receive business cards and all other objects.
  9. You should make appointments with businessmen well in advance and also confirm them one or two days before the actual meeting. Be prepared to wait when you arrive at an appointment. Algerian businessmen often run late, as the culture is relationship driven.