Algeria vigorously condemns terrorist attack on Chad security forces

APS : Thursday, 24 November 2022

ALGIERS- Algeria has vigorously condemned the terrorist attack which targeted Tuesday a unit of the Chadian defense and security forces in the country’s west, leaving dozens dead and injured,
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad said Thursday in a statement.

“Algeria vigorously condemns the terrorist attack perpetrated on 22 November 2022 on a unit of the Chadian defense and security forces in the island of Bouka-Tolorom, leaving dozens dead and injured,” said the source.

“Algeria extends its heartfelt condolences to the victims’ families, wishing speedy recovery for the injured,” added the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reiterating “Algeria’s support to brotherly country Chad, people and government, in its struggle against the terrorist groups.”

Algeria calls on, once again, the international community “to combine the international efforts in order to eradicate this dangerous scourge which threaten the countries’ security and stability,” the statement concluded.

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