Algeria-US Treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance is modern, says Obama

APS : Tuesday, 06 October 2015
WASHINGTON- The Treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance between Algeria and the United States of America, signed in Algiers on 7 April 2010, to enhance the ability of the two countries to investigate and prosecute a wide variety of crimes, “is modern,” says US President Barack Obama.
“The Treaty is one of a series of modern mutual legal assistance treaties negotiated by the United States to more effectively counter criminal activities,” said Obama in a message to the US Senate for advice and consent to ratification.
The Treaty also provides for a broad cooperation in criminal matters, added the US president.
Under the Treaty, the Parties agree to assist each other by producing evidence (testimony, documents, or items) arranging for persons, including persons in custody, to travel to provide evidence; serving documents; executing searches and seizures; locating and identifying persons or items, as well as freezing and forfeiting assets or property that may be the proceeds or instrumentalities of crime, said the US president in his message.
President Obama also recommended the US Senate to give early and favourable consideration to the Treaty, and give its advice and consent to its ratification.

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