Algeria-Tunisia: Convergence of views on counter-terrorism

APS : Thursday, 08 March 2018
ALGIERS- Tunisian Minister of Interior Lotfi Brahem affirmed Wednesday, in Algiers, the convergence of views of Algeria and Tunisia on the issue of terrorism,
underlining the efforts that have been made for the broadening of cooperation in terms of the fight against this scourge so as to extend it to other Arab countries.
“The position of Algeria and Tunisia on the issue of terrorism is the same and we are working to broaden the cooperation in terms of the fight against this scourge and extend it to other Arab countries,” said Braham in a statement on the sidelines of the 35th Arab Interior Ministers Council (AIMC) which is held at the International Centre of Conferences (ICC) Abdelatif Rahal, stressing the importance to “eradicate terrorism in the Arab world.”
Tunisian minister underlined that the objective of this meeting, hosted by Algeria, “is to try to protect the current and future generations from extremism, to find solutions and to take advantage of foreign and Arab international experiences in de-radicalization.”
He emphasized the role of media “in the face of violent extremism and the use of modern technological means and social networks for the recruitment of youth within terrorist organizations.”
While underlining the “holding of meetings and establishment of contacts with the countries suffering from terrorism to exchange of data on the presence of Tunisian young people within terrorist organizations,” the Tunisian minister denied the information relating to the existence of 6,000 Tunisian terrorists.”

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