Algeria strongly condemns terrorist attack on Istanbul Ataturk airport

APS : Wednesday, 29 June 2016
ALGIERS – Algeria has strongly condemned, through the spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry the attack committed Tuesday evening on Ataturk Airport of Istanbul, stressing that the terrorist escalation in Turkey and elsewhere challenges all the countries about the urgent need to coordinate counterterrorism actions.
“We strongly condemn the triple terrorist attack which hit Istanbul Airport and we offer condolences to the victims’ families. We also express our solidarity with the Turkish people and government as well as with all the countries having innocent nationals among the casualties of this despicable attack,” Abdelaziz Benali Cherif told APS on Wednesday.
“The terrorist escalation in Turkey and elsewhere in the world challenges all the countries and international players about the necessity and emergency of further combining their actions and unite against terrorism, which poses a serious threat on the populations quietness, and the peace and stability in various parts of the world,” said Benali Cherif.
The spokesman added that the “common fight against this scourge which has no religion, no nationality, becomes imperative for all the international community which must work to set the conditions for its uprooting.”
“Algeria, which played an avant-garde role in the combat against terrorism and which has endeavored to campaign with its partners and the international opinion about its destructive impacts, will continue to support the international effort aiming at eliminating definitively this evil,” said spokesman of Foreign Affairs Ministry.

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