Algeria strongly condemns terrorist attack in Beirut

APS : Friday, 13 November 2015
ALGIERS- Algeria has “strongly” condemned the “appalling” terrorist attack perpetrated Thursday in the district of Burj al-Barajneh, in the southern suburbs of Beirut (Lebanon), causing several innocent victims.
“We strongly condemn the appalling terrorist attack perpetrated Thursday evening in the southern suburbs of Beirut, causing several innocent victims,” the Spokesman of the Foreign Affairs Minister Abdelaziz Benali Cherif told APS on Friday.
“This despicable criminal act which shows the hideous face of terrorism and unveils once again the atrocity of this scourge makes it obligatory for the international community to combine efforts to face it and ward off its exacerbation,” added Benali Cherif.
“The region is undergoing a very difficult situation which requires from all the parties and all players the harmonization of their positions to counter the phenomenon of terrorism,” said the spokesman of Foreign Affairs Ministry.
“In this painful ordeal that Lebanon is going through, we would like to extend our sincerest condolences to the victims’ families and express our solidarity and sympathy to the brotherly Lebanese people and their government,” affirmed Benali Cherif.

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